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"The  Little Dogs That Could!"
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 We are all entering a challenging time. Our top concern is for the safety and health of all families and puppies. We are running low on 'facemask' and "plastic gloves"
 *If possible we need you to bring your own.  

 Adults need to be 6' apart Weather permitting. 
                      We will bring puppy out to your vehicle, on puppys scent blanket, and a secure leash.
                     Puppy needs to be carefully Inspected by you. Always hold puppy on your lap.
               Upon your Approval You'll need to sign a USDA form, acknowledging you recieved this puppy. 

                                    After that you'll recieve Puppys Bag filled with Paperwork....

                                                     This has been working out safely.
                                           We appreciate your cooperation!  Stay Safe!           
sorry to say, website is under construction. some pages are to be updated. 
most pages are working fine.
Update: Not offering Shorkie Puppies.
  Instead we are offering Teddy Bear Puppies
  Shichon and Malshi Puppies

appreciate your patience.. 
Covid Requirements For "Greet n Meet" or "Pick Up"  Arrangements

  Need Help Choosing the "Right" Puppy Dog for you and your family?!
  What Breed, Gender, and Weight...?
  We can Help! 
                                       We are Mr. and Mrs. Popovich. My name is Jenni  and Husband's name is Al. We                                                     offer TOP Quality Morkies  (Maltese Yorkie)   And 2 Types of Teddy Bear Puppies,
                                             for everyone!. The Shichon (Shih Tzu/Bichon Cross) &
                                             The Malshi (Maltese/ShihTzu Cross). And the purebred Maltese. 

   Our Mission and Responsibility is to Breed From Exceptional and Proven Bloodlines. This includes some Bloodlines we Developed over the Years.  And Outside Bloodlines to Avoid Interbreeding. We are operating from a Strict Breeding Program.
   Our focus is "always" on Clean Health, Stable Loving Temperaments, and a whole lotta Beauty! 

   OhpuppyLove has "the best of the best!" Morkies, and Teddy Bear Puppies. Moreover, they are making their mark being the most Positive Useful Companion Dogs, one will ever find. We're happy and proud to acknowledge, some are used as "Therapy, Handicapped, and Special Needs Companion Dogs". 
                                                They really are the "The little dogs that could!"

   On our website we offer: Breed Specific Information, Such as, Health Care, Temperament, diet, grooming..,  
 We hope you find our website helpful. If you're thinking of purchasing a Top Quality Morkie, or Teddy Bear Puppy - please contact us at your earliest convenience. "Pet Screening" Required before a "Meet n Greet" appt.


Al & Jenni
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Why Choose Us?
  • Reputable Breeders with approx. 30 yrs. in the  Dog Breeders    Experience.
  • Specializing in Morkies, Maltipoo, and TeddyBears, & Yorkies. 
  • USDA and DATCP (Wi. State) Inspected and Approved
  • Strict Proven Safe Breeding Program
  • Guarantees: 10 Year Health & 1 Year Temperament​
  • Discounts for any Handicapped, Special Needs. 
         "Greet n Meet" Appointments Can be Scheduled After Pet Screening

       Visiting Conditions  Under No Circumstances do we schedule appointments to show puppies on the "same day"  your out Puppy Shopping, Visiting any Humane Societies, Pet Stores, Shelters, Rescue Homes, Vet Facilities, or other Breeders..  Cross Contamination of Viruses are spread in this way.    Though our puppies are well protected, others you have visited may not be. Also, we may have newborns unprotected. They do not recieve their first vaccine until they are approx. 5 wks.of age. Please do not endanger our puppy dogs. It is of great importance that you understand not all breeders private or otherwise selling puppies are careful in regards to Vaccines and/or Dewormers.  With that in mind - This leaves our puppy dogs in harms way. We do our very best to care for our happy, healthy puppies. So, we need your cooperation to maintain our standards here.       
                             Open Hrs.- Mon Tues  Wed  Fri  Sat..  Closed Sundays & Thursdays  Appt are 30-45min.
Note: Please do not bring your dog(s) with you. Some feel its best to see if they get along by the first time meeting. Some do, and some don't. For some it takes longer than 25min.-hour.  
                          To be honest and fair, 1-3 days is needed for them to work it out together. And they do. 
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