shorkie puppy,OhpuppyLove has the most beautiful Mixed Breed Dogs and Puppies provided in Wisconsin and Illinois, Chicago. Here we have Morkie, Shorkie, and Maltipoo puppies for sale. All are small mixed breed dogs. And, allergy friendly dogs. One can expect to find a Morkie, Shorkie, Maltipoo Puppy for sale every other month or so. And, Morkie, Shorkie, Maltipoo Dogs for sale. A dog for sale, is adopted almost immediately.  As Reputable Illinois, Chicago, Wisconsin dog breeders, and not just puppy breeders. But, Quality puppy breeder. Every dog is proven for clean health and sound temperament before breeding for a Morkie, Shorkie, or Maltipoo Litter. The Dog Breeds that we found work best for ourselves and our customers are the Mixes of the: Yorkie Breed, Maltese Breed, Poodle Breed, and ShihTzu Breed.    We breed the mixed breed Morkie by blending the Yorkie and Maltese Mix. We have morkie puppies for sale. Offspring look much like a maltese puppy except for color. The Shorkie Mix is from a yorkie and shihtzu mix breeding. We have shorkie puppies for sale. The Maltipoo are from the Maltese and Poodle Mix breeding. We have Maltipoo puppies for sale. The Maltese poodle mix are the best nonshed breed. We have found given already proven Yorkie, Maltese, ShihTzu, Poodle or Morkie, Shorkie, Maltipoo Dams and always Purebred Yorkie, Maltese, ShihTzu, and Poodle Sires, already allergy friendly breeds make allergy friendly dogs. The puppies mature into allergy friendly dogs. And, all the offspring possess positive qualities, such as awesome beauty, babydoll faces, nonshed soft coats, unique colors. Also, the puppies are a small dog type.      Our mixed breeds are  small dogs for sale. Size description: teacup, toy, and small dogs. Our sires are purebred teacup yorkie, teacup poodle, or imperial shihtzu, which in our case is really a teacup shihtzu named Jordan, and Maltese teacup from 3- 5 lbs. The teacup sire's are not runts, but have been out of developed lines where all the puppies are uniform in size being all teacups. Even though the Mother or Dam is not. We are the type of Teacup Breeders who only use a Teacup Sire.  We use to breed  the Purebred Teacup  AKC Yorkies exclusively, and had Yorkie puppies for sale, around 18 yrs. or so.Purebred AKC Maltese Breeders in addition to the Yorkies. We, offered the maltese for sale, and maltese puppies for sale. Later we also added the purebred ShihTzu, but did very little with this breed as shihtzu Breeders. We did for a short time offere shihtzu puppies. To sum it all up, We have had personal experience with each of these dog breeds.    And, experience in working with tiny size dogs, such as the Teacup Puppies and Dogs. Today, we offer teacup puppies for sale of the Designer Mixed Breeds, like Morkie, Shorkie, and Maltipoo bred from the Yorkie, Maltese, ShihTzu, Toy Poodle Breeds. The Yorkie teacup, Maltese teacup, poodle teacup are fine, but the Teacup Mixed Breed Dogs like the Morkie, Shorkie, Maltipoo are better.  Only, the expense's in keeping lines going require a ethical dog breeder to bring in a whole "New Outside" line to avoid interbreeding. This is very expensive undertaking. Which we could no longer afford. Our Puppies and Dogs are reasonable in price and affordable, though.   Availablity. Normally we have Morkie Litters, Shorkie Litters, and Maltipoo Litters every other month. We no longer breed: teacup yorkies, or sell yorkie puppies, yorkie dogs. Or maltese puppies, maltese dogs. Our speciality is Mixed Breed dogs. We find the mix breed dogs superior than purebred dogs. And have been proven to be mixed breed puppies. Poodle mixes only from the Maltese, shorkie puppies, and morkie puppies. Some call them Designer puppies. They are a great pet dog for everyone. Even if they mature to a teacup dog. We have all ages, dogs puppies for sale, shorkie puppies for sale,   We have 20 years experince as Wisconsin dog breeders, illinois dog breeders, chicago area dog breeders. We cover these area's,ohpuppylove,puppy love,yahoo,google,hotmail,lyrics,,,,jokes,ebay,
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Our Mission and Passion is to Breed Exceptional Dogs From Clean Health, Stable Loving Temperament, and Lotsa Beauty!
Suited For Therapy, Handicapped, Special Needs Companion Dogs.
Visit our site for Breed Specific Information - on Care, 5 Year Health and 1 Year Temperament Guarantees, and...
Find Top Quality Morkie, Shorkie, Maltipoo, Yorkie, and Maltese Puppies For Sale.
Home Of The  Little Dogs That Could!
        Home Visits Are Warmly Welcomed!  
       Visiting Conditions  Under No Circumstances do we schedule appointments to show puppies on the "same day"  your out Puppy Shopping, Visiting any Humane Societies, Pet Stores, Shelters, Rescue Homes, Vet Facilities, or other Breeders Facilities.  Cross Contamination of Viruses are spread in this way.    Though our puppies are well protected, others you have visited may not be, also we have newborns unprotected. They do not recieve their first vaccine until they are approx. 5 wks.of age. Please do not endanger our puppy dogs. It is of great importance that you understand not all breeders or private individuals selling puppies vaccinate before or after their pups are exposed to illnesses and diseases.  We do our best to sell happy, healthy puppies and we need your cooperation to maintain our standards here. 
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USDA and DATCP Approved

Specializing In Companion Dogs Suitable For Families, Elderly, Professionals, and Handicapped-Special Needs-Therapy Companions
5 Year Health  1 Year Temperament

 Ohpuppylove is Temporarily Under Construction for Repair's and Remodeling. It's time...Our Nursery, Room used for 'greet n meet' app.,
 and outside playgrounds need our attention.
   If you need to check out some of our puppies- please contact Jenni  920.834.2028   Your safety is important to us.
   Bringing you into rooms with construction going is not a good idea. Also, the outside playgrounds are closed for now.
  We need to ask everyone to avoid exploring around the playgrounds. There are pot holes, bricks, and painting going on.  
We're happy to show our puppies outside or in my office area. Appreciate your patience. Thank You Everyone!  Al & Jenni