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Included with Puppy
Meet & Greet Appointments
Puppy Transport
What to Expect at 'Puppy Pick' Up

 10 Year Health Guarantee 

 Each puppy is Born from a Strict Breeding Program Of Higher Standards.
   Each Puppy is of clean Health and Symptom Free on Day of purchase. Every precaution has been given to ensure puppy's well being.  All puppies are vaccinated, dewormed.
 And have a Certification Of Health from a Lic. Vet in Wisconsin.
   If within 10 Years time Puppy is found to have a "Serious life threatening congenital defect on major organs only, that is due to Hereditary (not caused by the environment) - Buyers must provide a Veterinarian DVM Documenting the condition.
 Buyers will then be Refunded The Purchase Price paid For Their Puppy Only.
Sellers are not responsible for any Vet Bills or Expenses resulting from 
any injuries, Viral, Or Bacterial Nature. 

1 Year Temperament Guarantee

Each puppy is Born from a Strict Breeding Program Of Higher Standards.
    Parents have been selected due to not just Health but,
 equally Important-Temperaments.
One or More Puppies in every litter will be used for 
Handicapped, Special Needs, or Therapy Dogs.

 Each Puppies Temperament is Evaluated at 8 wks.of age. 
The Results are Shared with Everyone 
who is seriously thinking of Purchasing one of our puppies. 
          However, puppies can Develop Negative Behaviors from poor or no training
 while in care of new owners.
 For this reason-our Temperament Guarantee is Limited to 1 Year.

    If within 1 Years time puppy is found to have a Negative Unsuitable Temperament for humane companionship-.
   A signed  statement by a Veterinarian DVM and 
Certified Professional Dog Behavorial Trainer with no less than 5 yrs. Experience 
needs to be obtained. 
Upon recieving this, we will replace the puppy.   

Included With Your Puppy

Certificated Health Check Report 
From Wisconsin Veterinarian.
USDA Papers
Health Record of Vaccines and Dewormings
Diamond Puppy Hard Kibble mixed with 
   Nuvet Vitamins.
Travel Suppliments  & Vitamins Sample's.
Scent Blanket.
Travel water mixed with Karo syrup.
Newspapers from our Nursery.
-Puppy Transport-

Pick Up Puppy at our Home.
Let's Meet 

Pick Up Puppy at our Home is Scheduled By Appointment-
Address: 4631 State Highway 22    Lena, Wi.  54139
(Map below​)
Business Hours. 
Open Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri, & Sat. 9-6pm
Closed Thurs & Sun

Let's Meet at a Safe Daytime Location-
Pending on your location. And Price Quote.

​Safe, Popular, and Daytime Meeting Location is at the "Milwaukee Post Office".
(next to Mitchell Field Airport-Pictured Below).
Address: 5500 S. Howell ave.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
(​Map Below)

Conditions: A Deposit for Your Puppy has been made. 
And, Always Pending Weather 
         "Greet n Meet" Appointments Can be Scheduled After Pet Screening

                                                                            Visiting Conditions:
 Under No Circumstances do we schedule appointments to show puppies on the "same day"  one is out Puppy Shopping, Visiting Humane Societies, Pet Stores, Shelters, Rescue Homes, Vet Facilities, or other Breeders.  Cross Contamination of Viruses are spread in this way.  Though our puppies are well protected, others you have visited may not be. Please do not endanger our puppy dogs. 
                                                                      Covid Requirements - 
We are entering into a challenging time dealing with Covid Worldwide. Our top concern is for Everyone's safety and Health.  Facemask and Hand Sanitizers are offered for your convenience.  Safe distancing is 6' apart. 
      We have a designated area that allows us to Interact with the puppies safely. This has been working out fine.

           Open Hrs: Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri, &  Sat. 9-6pm         Closed Sundays & Thursdays 

What to Expect On Pick Up Day:

✔ Important Paperwork Include's: 
   Sales Contract
   Health Record: Vaccines/Deworming..
   *Microchips are included with Price, only after puppy is 16 wks or older.
    Certification of Puppys Health via  Wisconsin Veterinarian
    U.S.D.A. Certification Numbers 
    License by Wisconsin State
    Puppy Care Instructions.
✔ Puppys Food (Diamond Puppy) Mixed w/ "Nuvet Vitamins". 
✔ Sample of Nuvet Vitamins (while supplies last).
✔ Travel Water (mixed w/ Karo Syrup) 
✔ Moisten Travel Pack Pedigree Puppy Food. Pending Puppys weight/size.
 Travel Treatment & Supply of "Dyne" (High Calorie Liquid Dog Supplement) 
✔ Tear sheet from puppys soiled newspaper to aid in housebreading to New Home.
✔ Scent & Swaddle Blanket (while supplies last).

                               you have your Forever Puppy in your arms.
                                 Ready to begin a  Beautiful Journey together!

                                  We appreciate Giving our Puppy the Best Home Possible!

                                                               Al & Jenni
Map to our House
Map to Milwaukee Post Office
Call 920-834-2028
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